Friday, February 19, 2010

A Question Without An Answer....

“Someone Once Ask Me, “When Was The Last Time I Had Fun?” I Couldn’t Answer. Where Have All The Memories With You Gone To? When Did We Have Our Laughs Together? I Am Becoming Speechless… Seems Like The Time Passes Through Without Looking Back At Us. “You’ve Changed, Even I’ve Changed. Experience Changes A Person’s Life”, That’s What I Always Tell My Heart But Even I Wanted To Deny That Facts. I Missed All The Times We’ve Been Through, I’ve Longed All The Moments We Shared…. But That’s Me, A Boy With All The Longing And Hunger. I’ve Never Thought About You…. To The Next Round….

I Know What You Think Of Me, Having So Much Passion, Or Fascination Towards You That You’ve Becoming Awkward Of Me, Thinking That Others Might Think Differently Of You. I Know ,Or At Least I Hope, That You Are Reluctant To Face Me When Others Are Around You. I Still See You Eyes Seeking For Me, Even When I Know That You Would Never Search For Me. You Are Like A Sibling For Me Nothing More….Onto The Next Round….

Others May Think Differently But You And I Both Know The Truth And That Is What Matters To Me. You Are Only My Sibling. Yes, I Treat You Differently From Others (Though Maybe Lower Than That Of My Family And Girlfriend) But That Is Because I Care For You. I Always Thought That You Are Having Trouble, That Is The Reason I Helped You. I’d Never Thought That It Would Lead To Different Thought… I’m Sorry But That Is Who I Am And Nothing Would Ever Change That…..”

Words From My Heart To Those Who Felt That I’m ‘Different’ From Others…. Please Don’t Judge Me Recklessly…. I Know What You Say Behind My Back And This Is My Explanation Using A Letter From A Movie…. Hope That You Will Stop Stabbing My Back And Keep On Living With Your Life As I Tried To Live Mine…. Lastly Said, Hope You Have A Wonderful Life….

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